Technology / Vent Elimination / Bettis RTS Fail-Safe Linear Electric Valve Actuator

A non-intrusive intelligent fail-safe linear actuator for ON/OFF and modulation control in fail-safe applications.

The robust and compact mechanical spring return design can be triggered to fail-safe action either on loss of power or signal. With no dependency on super-capacitor or battery-backup, this state of the art design is widely used on valves for oil & gas, power, chemical, HVAC, and water and wastewater industries.


  • Power Source
  • Product Type
    Linear Electric Actuator
  • Actuation
  • Certifications
  • Control Type
    On/Off, Continuous Motion
  • Valve Type
    Ball, Butterfly, Plug, Dampers, Globe
  • Torque/Thrust
    Switch Off Electric maximum thrust: 25 kN (5,620 lbs-ft)
    Maximum modulating force: 12 kN (2,697 lbs-ft)


  • Intelligent and non-intrusive
  • On/Off (S2) and Continuous modulation (S9)
  • Up to 10116 lbs (45 kN) electric thrust
  • Mechanical driven fail-safe operation with stem extended or retracted
  • Direct coupling on the fail-safe with the valve shaft
  • Adjustable speeds
  • Fail-safe trigger selectable in case of drop-off 24 VDC fail-safe signal or main power supply
  • SIL3 capable
  • Option De-clutchable handwheel
  • Rotatable in 90 degree steps with remote mounting option
  • Local User Interface with wireless Bluetooth control capability for configuration, monitoring and diagnostics
  • User application available for Android devices


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Bettis RTS Electric Actuator

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Bettis RTS FL Linear Actuator

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