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Meet ESG Goals with an
Indigenous No Capital Turnkey Solution

Reach Net Zero Emissions



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Organization Introduction



Achieving a 45 percent reduction in vented methane from upstream oil and gas assets by 2025 is a goal that is not only achievable, but you can get paid to do it.

From venting reduction and elimination to capture and process optimization, there are many ways to address fugitive and vented GHG emissions. Improve the reliability and performance of your operations while meeting ever tightening compliance requirements in a cost effective, economically sustainable manner.

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Robert G. MacCuish, P. Eng.
President & CEO, CanadianEagle

Founded by Robert G. MacCuish, P.Eng. in 2003, CanadianEagle (CE) is an Indigenous owned private clean tech company providing GHG emission reduction technology and services across Canada. Our team members will work with you from idea to successful implementation with minimal downtime of equipment and maximum value and results. We empower the companies we do business with to take the next step in environmental actions, responsibility and stewardship. 

Our Vision

Respect and heal the Earth with technology-based climate action and green recovery to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We work in collaboration with strategic partners, Indigenous People, and industry.

CE offers turnkey solutions to enable companies to reduce GHG emissions and satisfy corporate requirements and meet or exceed environmental standards. Our team offers solutions to the oil and industry including methane reductions in pneumatic controller retrofits, instrument air, electric chemical injection pumps, electric actuation, and vent gas capture.

Not sure where to start?

Contact us today and find out how we can help you with measuring GHG emissions, mitigating consequences, achieving compliance and optimizing performance.

High To Low & No Bleed Instrument Conversions to Reduce Emissions

Working with our technical specialists to replace older vintage high bleed instruments with low bleed equipment results in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Utilizing REMVue® Air Fuel Ratio Controllers to Increase Energy Efficiency

Utilizing Spartan's Engine Fuel Management Technology (REMVue) on vintage reciprocating engines, improved fuel efficiency by 15% and GHG emissions reductions of 700 tonnes per compressor per year are expected - the equivalent of removing 150 cars per compressor off the road.

Utilizing SlipStream® Technology to Reduce Emissions

By implementing Spartan's SlipStream technology, which utilizes vented hydrocarbons that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere, as a supplementary fuel source for natural gas engines, ConocoPhillips is expecting a GHG reduction of 2500 tonnes per year - the equivalent of taking 525 cars off the road.

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