Robert G. MacCuish, P. Eng.

Robert G. MacCuish, President and Chairman of CanadianEagle, is an officially accepted member of the Métis Nation – one of the three recognized Aboriginal communities in Canada. Robert's family first came to Canada in the early 1600s.

Robert is of historical and documented Métis ancestry, with his status officially recognized by the Métis Nation of Alberta due to family genealogy research completed by his family member Gail Morin. Morin is the author of Metis Families: A Genealogical Compendium.

Founded in 2003, CanadianEagle is focused on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, by utilizing clean technology and investigating green energy projects and employing Indigenous youth. We offer turnkey, no capital cost solutions enabling companies to satisfy corporate requirements and meet or exceed environmental standards.

CanadianEagle's solutions pertaining to the oil and gas industry include:

  • Methane reductions in pneumatic controller retrofits
  • Instrument air
  • Electric chemical injection pumps
  • Electric actuation
  • Vent gas capture
  • Investigate and implement AI technology where possible to improve outcomes.

CanadianEagle is 100% indigenous owned and focused on hiring Indigenous educated personnel.

Indigenous Background

Through this genealogical research, Robert can directly trace his lineage back to the Métis families of Cadotte, Pelletier, Beachemin and Morin from the Red River Settlement in Manitoba. The Métis families Robert descends from had genuine ties to Canada's early fur trade history as they were employed by both historical institutions of the North West Company and Hudson Bay Company.

Members of the Cadotte family were early explorers of Western Canada. By 1761, they had already operated in the fur trade for at least three generations.

Robert embodies Métis values and attributes through having over four decades of hunting, fishing, and animal tracking experience. His previous company, Eagle Drilling Services Ltd., had an emphasis on involving Indigenous members in its operations as 20 percent of its staff were Indigenous, as well as having a 100 percent Indigenous Board of Directors.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Robert is Métis and represents as Indigenous
  • He has previously owned 13 successful Indigenous exploration & production and service companies
  • Elswick Energy 100% Indigenous owned exploration & production company and was sold in 2017
  • Eagle Drilling was sold to CanElson in 2013 and had an Indigenous Board of Directors, Chairman Robert MacCuish and President Derrick Big Eagle
  • Eagle Drilling had Indigenous training and employment of up to 20% from Whitebear, Oceanman, and Pheasant Rump First Nations
  • Robert has won Business of the Year and New Venture of the Year twice in Saskatchewan
  • Nominated for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the Prairies
  • CanadianEagle is a strategic partnership with Spartan Controls on an Indigenous clean tech company

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