Technology / Process Optimization / Burner Management

The focus of a burner management system (BMS) is to ensure safe operation of furnaces, boilers, ovens and other fired equipment.

Since boilers and other types of fired heaters are crucial to oil sands operations, BMS reliability and availability are very important.

The Emerson DeltaV™ SIS Burner Management System (BMS) allows for the control and monitoring of burner units.

By applying the advanced control techniques inherent in DeltaV™, Customers can maximize production and optimize fuel efficiency so as to ensure long-term profitability of the system. Spartan's ability to implement tuned control of burners, boilers, and Once Through Steam Generators (OTSG) optimizes steam production while reducing fuel usage and footprint, allowing Customers to achieve operational goals.

Fisher C1 Pneumatic Controller & Transmitter